Bhutan is the last unspoiled Himalayan kingdom often known to the world as Shangri-La. It is situated in the Eastern Himalayas of southern Central Asia and is bordered by Tibet in the North, Sikkim in the west, Indian states of Arunanchal Pradesh in the east and Bengal and Assam in the south. Bhutan is a landlocked mountain kingdom, sandwiched in the Himalayas between India and the Tibetan region of China. Many naturalized citizens came originally from Tibet and India. Bhutan’s indigenous population is the Drukpa. Three main ethnic groups, the Sharchops, Ngalops and the Lhotshampas (of Nepalese origin) make up today’s Drukpa.

The Bhutanese celebrates many ‘Tsechus’ or festivals with vivid and colorful masked dances, folk dances and religious allegorical plays, set in the cobbled courtyards of numerous Dzongs.

The fertile central valleys (3,600 - 8,500 ft) are covered by verdant coniferous and deciduous forests and dotted with numerous monasteries, temples and dzongs. Western Bhutan's major valleys of Ha, Paro, Thimphu, Punakha / Wangduephodrang are intensely cultivated.

 Khyeng, in the south, is famous for its bamboo and ratten ware and north is Trongsa in north is a home of one of Bhutan's most impressive dzongs. Bumthang's four valleys, between 8,530 - 13,000 ft with their picturesque countryside, beautiful coniferous forests and numerous Religious sites are often known as the "Heart of Bhutan". Eastern Bhutan, home of the Sharchops ("people of the east"), is generally warmer. Northern Bhutan, lying above 11,500 ft is region of glacial valleys, alpine meadows and is home to the semi-nomadic yak-herders. Her rich Himalayan flora and fauna, dazzling white peaks and lush valleys provide Bhutan’s stunning beauty and aesthetic grandeur

Buddhist teaching and philosophy play an important role in their peaceful lives. The Kingdom is one of the leading countries in environmental preservation because of their deep traditional reverence. Bhutan is not an ordinary place and has many surprises; a visit to the country is a splendid adventure.

The best season to visit Bhutan is March, April, May, September, October and November.

Bhutan Activities

Bhutan is the last unspoiled Himalayan kingdom often known to the world as Shangri-La. It is si...

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