FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions) Of Nepal

Is Nepal safe to visit? Is it safe if a Woman travel alone with your company?

►Yes, of course, Nepal is totally safe to visit on your next holiday or vacation. Nepal is recognized as Peaceful & Independent country by world. Even aftermath of disaster earthquake on April 25, 2015, Nepal is rebuilding and very few insignificant damages has been made and most of 90% destination are still safe and looking forward to welcome more tourists to visit and support for rebuild.

Nepal is safe in all aspects even you as man or woman travelling alone. Travelling with us means total safe and care in your whole trip. We have responsible and highly experience travel chauffeurs who will completely take care you with your safety and making your vacation memorable.

Nepal is popular for its cultural, historical, natures & Himalayas worldwide. Nepal is land of unlimited ventures for all travellers to explore and experience. The country with the eight highest mountain peaks including top peak Mt. Everest, numerous peaks above 6000m high, tempting lushes green vegetation with beautiful crafted terrace and farm lands, the birthplace of enlightened Lord Buddha, the birthplace of Goddess Sita, the dwelling of the biggest Hindu temple of Lord Shiva, Muktinath Temple, the salvation land of Lord Vishnu  the habitat of Royal Bengal Tiger, the second highest Bungy Jump, innumerable trekking trials, adrenaline white water rafting and with many more historical & cultural monuments and adventure activities will definitely praises and wishes to be here soon by all travellers from all over the world.


How to get there?

►Nepal is accessible by air and by land. Nepal has broad connection of several international flights from most of big countries of world. Nepal shares its border with India & China so people can reach Nepal through land journey as well. Nepal has direct flight connection with Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Bankok, Hongkong, Lhasa, Guanzhaou, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Malaysia, Dhaka, etc. Different reputed airlines like Jet Air, Air India, Thai Air, Qatar Air, Nepal Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Etihad Air, PIA, Dragon Air, Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines are some of examples. Similarly, you can enter through border like Sunauli, Bardibas, Birgunj, Kakarvitta, Kodari, Nepalgunj Janakpur etc.


Do visa require travelling Nepal and how is its process?

►Of course, visa is necessary to all foreign nationals except Indian passport holder to enter Nepal. All foreign nationals should bear valid passport with minimum six months validity while travelling abroad.

Indian national require to carry passport or voting card if they are travelling Nepal through air flight; while if they intend to travel through land surface then they can travel with any kind of specific identity issue by Government of India or concerned authorized Government organization like student id card, aadhar card, pan card etc.

Foreign national can obtain Nepal visa with an easy process from local consulates or embassy of Nepal located in your country or you can also granted on arrival visa directly at International airport immigration in Kathmandu or in any border immigration that touches with India & China. You need to carry couple of recent passport size color photo for visa process. You will get multiple entry visa valid for 15 days, 30 days & 40 days with the visa fee of USD 25, USD 40 & USD 100 respectively.

For more comprehensive information on visa issues with extension and other related matters please visit this link website of Nepal Government Department of Immigration: www.immi.gov.np/visa


Will taxi or cab available in the airport to transfer hotel?

►Yes, you can find pre-paid car in the airport at outside of arrival terminal. You have to pay the car fare as allocated for different destination in prepaid taxi service counter and they will provide you the car number & driver for transfer service. And if you are booked with private travel or trekking agents or hotels, normally they will provide you pick up service in the airport.

Those who booked tour package with Explore Vacation will be provided airport pick up & drop services.


Is there any possible to get mobile sim card of Nepal Or will my simcard also works ?

►It is absolutely possible to get new mobile sim card in Kathmandu or in any other cities. Ncell and Nepal Telecom are two renowned tele-operators facilitating us with providing sim card on easy process with same day activation. You need to carry two recent passport size color photo and a copy of your passport. You can even buy sim card on arrival in the airport at arrival terminal.

If you have activated international roaming in your simcard then there is possible to get connection as network coverage is quite good in urban areas and while there may be poor connection in rural or mountain region.


Is it compulsory to buy travel insurance before I travel Nepal? Can I buy in Nepal?

►That’s absolutely mandatory to secure your vacation with insurance while travelling Nepal or any of other destinations. Due to varies climate, availability of infrastructure, cost factors for rescue or evacuation expenses, treatment expenses are the major part to purchase travel insurance before your start your trip. If we are acknowledges with your travel insurance then we can take necessary steps immediately for rescue or evacuation to save your life. Especially for those travelling in trekking, climbing/expeditions or any other adventure activities you must take full insurance package that covers rescue & evacuation service by helicopter and medical expenses.


How is tipping or gratitude ?

►Generally, tipping is not mandatory in Nepal. Tipping or gratitude rewards is depend on your wish for the services that people received from any of individual or any organization. However, we experience, people in the field work like porter, sherpas, guide, leader, driver keep some expectation from their clients after their laborious dedication at your services. So, if you are happy and satisfy with their services then you can reward them with some tipping as per your own wish by any form whether cash or any material whichever you feel convenient. However, hotel & restaurants normally charge 10% on their service bills so there is not compulsory to tips to hoteliers or restaurant people but even if you feel to tips then it is better to drop it in tips box that goes to all other people in that hotel or in restaurants.


How is communication and Internet access in Nepal?

►Basically, communication is accessible in wide range of Nepal covering all towns & many remote mountainous region as well. In contrary, internet access is limited to specific region like small or big towns and few rural villages or trekking regions.  


How is electricity?

►Nepal electricity uses 220-240 voltage and 50 HZ frequency to power their electric appliances and different plugs with type C (European) & type D (Indian). Euro plug has two prongs and Indian plug has three prongs but not flat prongs as found in use in the United States or in other countries. In some countries like USA / Canada uses 110-120 volts & 60 HZ of electricity and if you are taking a hair dryer, electric shaver, laptop etc then it is suggested to carry universal adapter and voltage converter to fix your appliances safe and usable.

Also, Electricity is not often proper in Nepal as it faces load shedding (power outage) for hours daily as per seasonal schedule. So, you can also carry power bank for back up source to charge your important electric accessories as per necessary. However, hotels, restaurants and other business organization keep generators or inverters to back up electricity.


How is ATM facility and will credit card accepted?

►ATM machines are now normally available in most of major towns of Nepal including in some of popular rural village as well. In city like Kathmandu, Pokhara has plenty of ATM machines are available which provided by different Banks.

Nepal normally accepts Visa card, Credit cards, Debit cards, American Express card, Maestro Card, JCB card, UnionPay card, SCT card. Cards are often accepted by hotels, decent restaurants, supermarkets, travel offices, other large business organization, and banks.  While local markets, small cafe or restaurants, guesthouses will have difficult to facilitate with accepting cards and even you have to make sure with carrying enough cash while travelling rural areas of Nepal.


How is Toilet facility in Nepal?

►Basically, you will find Indian style squat toilets in Nepal. However, you can find western toilets as well in most of new built houses, hotels, or restaurants. It is advisable to carry own toilet paper, soap, hand sanitizer always while travelling in Nepal because they are not usually provided.


How is daily expenses estimation?

►Normally, your daily expenses will spend for meals, water, tea/coffee. For your basic knowledge on such basic daily expenditure, you can expect below amount:

Cup of Tea: Rs. 50 to 150

Cup of Coffee: Rs. 100 to 200

Simple Breakfast: Rs. 200 to 400

Simple Lunch: Rs. 300 to 500

Simple Dinner: Rs. 400 to 600

Bottle of Beer: Rs. 250 to 400

Bottle of Water: Rs. 30 to 50


Is drinking water safe in Nepal?

►Drinking boil or filter water or mineral bottle water is safe. When you are in trekking trails, you can carry flax bottle or other refillable bottle so that you can refill boil or filter water rather than buying bottled water because